Thursday, March 3, 2011

Aikido in real life

It was Saturday night, Superbowl weekend in Las Vegas and our 6th kyu level (green belt) student, DC, was out at a club with friends.  Totally at random a large man grabbed DC's shirt near the neck and aggressively started pulling him closer.  Without fear or aggression, DC simply reached up, grabbing the man's wrist and hand, and applied our Lapel grab #1, placing him in a nikajo.  DC easily controlled his aggressor to about halfway down to his knees, and just looked at him...  Seeing that the man knew he was out matched, it didn't need to go any farther, and DC let him go.  Both of them simply walked away.

DC, not only used a technique in a real world situation, he used Aikido philosophy by controlling the situation, not amplifying it.  Both parties walked away without a punch being thrown.  Truly magnificent!