Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Seasons Greetings

We at the Sanbukan Dojo wish to extend Warm holiday wishes for health and happiness and a New Year filled with success!

Although the Dojo is officially closed, many students will be coming to the Dojo to work on various techniques, their next belt requirements, etc. Should you wish to join us on the mats, please contact Patrick Reed directly and he will open the doors for you (562) 500-6683.

Regular class schedule will resume on Tuesday January 4th

Thursday, December 16, 2010

An email to Mits

Hello from Tokyo!

I have changed paths in my life recently and I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks to Mits as one of the kindest and most inspirational teachers I have ever had the good fortune to spend time with.

A little background quickly- I moved to Tokyo in the summer of 2006 to come and train Aikido seriously, but in my quest to study at the highest level I saw a side of Aikido and people I used to trust that has turned me off of the art. There are many great teachers here, but after my experience my passion has been soured beyond repair. Leaving Aikido became the only satisfying option for me.

This however, is not an ending but a beginning. After some time away from training I have done a few classes with a second degree black belt in BJJ from Rickson Gracie's academy in Brazil. I am happy to be doing some martial arts again, the people at the club are kind and I want to thank Mits for introducing me to Jiu-jitsu and welcoming me to his home back in 1997? to share his teaching.

A lesson he shared with us during a seminar in Canada has always stuck with me. While explaining to us the benefit of not trying to hold a technique for too long if it is not working he relayed to us a story of a tribe of hunters who catch monkeys by placing rice in hollowed out coconuts. The coconuts have an opening just big enough for an empty hand to slip through, but once the hand closes to grab the rice it becomes trapped, once trapped the monkeys are easily finished off.(forgive my uninspired paraphrasing of the tale) This story stuck in my mind and I have held it for many years. This is a sign of a remarkable teacher, and one I spent too little time with. Of course this lesson was related, by sensei, to any type of situation that has negative consequences, not only grappling. From staying in any unhealthy situation too long, be it a job or a relationship.

This is a lesson that I have applied many times in many arenas of my life and I thought it appropriate to send a message to let sensei know
how much he is appreciated, from an old student and friend.

Thank you sir.

All the best,

Dave Stinson

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pot Luck Holiday Party Time

That's right boys and girls, it's party time.  This year's annual Pot Luck Holiday Party is coming this Saturday December 18th.

The following people have said what they plan to bring:

Cindy & Jeremy - Japanese Salad
Emanuel - Pizza
Alonso - Meat Dish
Bernardo - Oven Roasted Chicken
Pete - Un chingo da hambra
Jay - Veggie Platter & Beer Nuts
Larry - Dessert
Gilbert - Ham
Melvin - Curry Chicken
Martin - Empanadas
Misa - Soda & Pizza
Brian - Dessert (maybe Pie)

What are YOU bringing ? ? ?

The regular Saturday class will happen from 10:30AM - Approx. 12:30PM but then it's PARTY TIME!!!!

In other news:
Many people have asked, "When is Jeremy testing for Black Belt?"  The date has been set for Saturday January 8, 2011